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Senior and Proud
And no, I'm not 55 or over.
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26th-Aug-2009 08:56 pm - Spanish, Smanish.
Gah, my partner is Spanish 2 has found someone else, now I'm considering switching out but it's 2nd year so I can't go another year without practice. It just sucks because it's another thing I have to worry about now.

My lab partner insists on locking all the drawers after he closes them, it such a hassle. He's so boring now, I mean when we were dating he wasn't that fucking boring. David just immerses himself in his dumb books or makes stupid jokes that I have to listen to for the 4 periods we share. He has beautiful eyes though, it's like looking into blue stars.

Hmm, there's this guy in a restuarant I go to all the time and he always stares at me when I pay the check. He's kind of cute but looks really old. 
24th-Aug-2009 06:23 pm - Happy Monday.
Oh, yay, homework. Seriously, I'm rolling my eyes at this crap. Apparently I can't fucking count by threes because my Algebra 2 homework was every third problem and I screwed it up and did 11 instead of 12. Yeah, that shit sucks. Ugg, my back hurts from slouching all day.
28th-Mar-2008 08:22 pm - Writer's Block: Sharing is Caring
What do you most hate sharing with other people?
my ipod, because my music is supposed to reflect my "emoness" but it doesn't, I have a ton of emo songs, but I love to dance to good beats so I have some good dance songs too.
What quality in your closest friend are you most envious of and why?
I envy my friend Amber's strength, I mean her dad shot her mom and then killed himself, she came back to school that monday, totally fine. She's been through some really terrible stuff and it doesn't even phase her.
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